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Moving On; A Preview

For the last six months, we have focused on preparing our beautiful Riverhouse for sale. Our work there is done, the house has been sold, and another family's story now goes forward in that beautiful location.

We downsized. It was time. We went from a large log home with massive gardens on almost seven acres with waterfront to a small house in a cottage community with pretty much no yard at all. And yet, we are as excited about this transition, as we were the previous one. This is our Epilogue, the rest of our story, the home we have chosen to take us through our senior years. Although we are no longer perched on the riverbank, we are only a short walk away from our favorite river, surrounded by friends and family in the beautiful province of New Brunswick.

Over this next year we will transform the Hazen House, into The Epilogue Cottage. Life is good.

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