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Boo-Yay! It's Halloween

These fun little sign are quick and easy to make with 2x4's, a stencil and Country Chic Paint's Vanilla Frosting

And I’ve learned how to use my cricut machine! Yes I have! I loved making these rustic little signs that I designed on my computer and uploaded to my Cricut Design Space. I really don’t decorate for Halloween (I save my decorating enthusiasm for Christmas) but these little signs made a fun seasonal statement in my living space without a whole lot of effort.

The little clock no longer works, but because it was my late mother in laws and we bought it together, it is full of treasured memories. I know this little display would have delighted her!

A little magic popped up on my kitchen shelf along side this miniature clock that once belonged to my mother in law. On a visit many years ago we bought this in Nova Scotia as a lovely little memento of our family visit and an addition to her old collection. When she passed away last year, this came back to me and now sits in my kitchen by the sink as a sweet memory of a lovely visit.

Succulents are such an easy thing to grow and add such energy to a display. You can pretty much pick them up anywhere, but this one was no bigger than my finger when I got it from Cedercrest Gardens in Saint John a couple years ago. Their Spring selection in amazing and very reasonably priced.

Well neither Thanksgiving or Halloween is complete without a pumpkin or two and this lovely ceramic pumpkin came with flowers from my sweet husband a few years ago and makes an annual appearance each Fall. This little sign has been added to the vignette !

These gorgeous wood boxes are made from old cedar boards and sold at Epilogue Studio Browns Flat NB. Each one has some type of added vintage decor like this old hinge which makes it's personality totally unique.

These two complimented one of the wooden boxes we sell at Epilogue Studio and a nice harvest of our hydrangeas this year. My lovely faux candles came from Costco and have the best imitation flame I have ever seen (as my worst nightmare is… a swishy pet tail knocking over a real candle and burning our house down)

I use glass domes all over the place, which just adds a whole new level of polish to a vignette

And a little spookster sitting on the piano to startle you as you head to the couch! There! All ready for Halloween! Happy Spooky Day everyone! Have a frightful, but fun and safe evening :)

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