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Change is Good Right?

Decoupaged tray with wrapping paper

For the last few years I have been happily painting away and creating all kinds of projects, using a variety of tools and supplies. As all of you know, I have loved using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and saw no reason to change that. But like dominoes in a row, a series of events transpired to force me to look around for another paint supplier. With ASCP no longer available to me within a two hour radius, what to do? There are a number of lovely matte finish decorator paints available these days and as my dad used to say pragmatically, "There is more than one way to skin a cat" (who makes up this stuff!!)

Gallery Door Sign completed and weatherproofed

So, I went back to the drawing board. As I considered my options and took a closer look at what was happening with my little studio, I began to realize I was heavily invested in paint and there was no one within 25 kilometres now to supply me. And gas is expensive!! So in spite of saying I only wanted to create projects and not sell paint I started to rethink that stance.

When you open your mind to new possibilities, it is amazing how things bubble to the top that you might not have noticed before. Where ever I travel, I am always snooping out creative people, antique, vintage and furniture painting shops. I am often inspired by what I have seen others do in their businesses. Not everyone uses the same product, but those that have consistently mastered the constraints of their various paint supplies have some pretty outstanding final results to share with their clients. So armed with that knowledge I revisited the possibilities.

It was time to go from a hobby to a business, before my sweet husband could no longer afford to indulge my increasingly expensive hobbies. So Simply Crafting Deb MacCallum is now a business registered in New Brunswick, Canada. Whoa! Big step. As a small business, the next step was to sign up with Canada Post for business shipping rates. Another big step for me! I can now ship Storm Trees at a reasonable price all over Canada. That is exciting for me! We continue to give $5 to Alzheimers for every tree sold.

Up until now, I have maintained I was not interested in retailing paint, I felt I was knowledgeable enough with what was out there, to direct my clients to a paint product suitable for their needs. I can still do that, or maybe like me, you might be ready to try something new! A Spring Class Schedule will be coming soon. There is a Canadian decor paint company that has been steadily growing on my radar since about 2014 when they launched. A year later they were featured on Dragons Den and have been steadily expanding their territory ever since and they have finally reached Saint John. I drove into town and picked up some sample products at Home Decor Paint Store and got to work. I can hardly wait to show you what I did with those samples. (New post coming soon). I will say I loved how my project turned out. So much so, that I got in touch with this company and inquired about becoming one of their retailers.

I am so excited to share with you that on May 18th, Epilogue Studio and Gallery in Browns Flat, NB will be open for the season and selling the paint and decor products of Country Chic All in One Decor Paint along with our up-cycled painted furniture and other creative endeavours. Hope to see you there. Watch for upcoming posts telling you more about this company and its products. I am sure you will love them as much as I do already!

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