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Introducing:  Epilogue Studio and Gallery

If words like shiny and new catch your attention, our sweet little gallery is probably not for you. However if words like patina, repurposed, crackled, waxed, stained, painted, matte finish, vintage verging on antique make your toes curl in anticipation and bring a smile to your face… well.. we should be friends!

Slowly but surely the gallery is taking shape

Epilogue Studio is going to be all of that and more. We are are a working studio, we create in place, and then stage all of our work in the studio gallery. We are small batch crafters and artisans. Most of our work is created with found or limited quantity materials and furnishings, much of it within our own neighbourhood. We repurpose whenever possible and keep anything plastic at a minimum.

We are inviting you all to come for a Sneak Peak at our Christmas Open House the weekend of November 24. We will be open Friday and Saturday from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm those two days. We will be decked out for Christmas and we will have hot Apple Cider for you. Come say hi!

The heart of our studio crafting is our Storm Trees. You can read their story here. With so many loved ones, friends and family being impacted Alzheimers and its various dimentia manifestations our locally imagined, designed and created Storm Trees will be available at the Studio all year round. Their message is appropriate to express love for hurting hearts no matter what their situation. We personally donate $5 from the purchase of each tree to our provincial Alzheimers Society. The cost of the tree is modest, hopefully affordable for anyone who could afford a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. They are small enough to sit on a mantle or hospital bedside table, finished with dabs of low VOC paint and wax, and built from harvested wood cast offs from a local sawmill. The first one was for my mother, who spent 10 years caring for my father during his illness. We sold and gave away close to two hundred trees last year, and would love to do even more this year.

Our hope is to be authentic, curated and modest in price. Our vision is that an artistic, creative home environment is within reach of anyone who loves that look. We work hard and put in long hours, but we ride on a cushion of love-what-we-do.

Come and see our current line up of products November 1, 2, and 3 at Brunswick Square in Saint John. We will be on the third floor across from the elevator. We will be open this year by chance or appointment through out the winter as we continue working on creating inventory and finishing the inside space. Give us a call , or send us an email and follow us on Facebook; we would love to see you soon!

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