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Salvaging Grandpa's Farmhouse: The Seaside Table

Would you have taken these home? I must confess, I hesitated. But then as I talked a little more to Tina at Me and The Mrs Antique and Collectibles Store in Norton, New Brunswick; I found out that these old bannister spindles were last bit of salvage from her Grandpa’s farmhouse and she was hoping they would become a part of something special. I couldn’t help myself. I took a whole box of them home. This post is about what happened to the first four of them.

Sometimes I just go with instinct. I just knew something would pop into my head for these historical bits

I just knew they would make great little table legs, so I got my husband to trim them down, and I got out my chalk paint and sander and went to work. So far so good.

Once Brian cut them down to size, and I sanded off the the loose bits of paint, the magic started to happen

I wanted a nice beachy look for these legs, to go with the little seaside table top Brian made of salvaged hemlock boards, trimmed with old spruce boards. I love it that he gave me exactly what I asked for! I chose Annie Sloan ChalkPaint in Duck Egg Blue, Emile, Arles and then Duck Egg Blue again. The yellow Arles just adds a little warmth to the cool colours of the table. I wanted that worn beachy look that happens from bright paint exposed to the sun for years, so I dry brushed Old White randomly on top, and then sealed it with clear wax. Brian chose the weathered Spruce boards for the trim work and nailed them into place. The rustic trim was then sanded enough to take the rough bits off. I then added a touch of white and waxed well. I love the way it feels. I like the textured smooth surface that is the result of that type of a preparation.

This surface would have been really nice finished with a walnut stain too.

With all four legs painted and waxed, these legs had character in spades for my little tabletop. Each leg had paint remains in different places, so no further distressing was needed. I just loaded the paint on my brush a little heavier than my earlier dry brushing technique and let the paint land where it may until I felt the look was unified.

Each leg was a little different to accomodate the flow of the bannister so Brian and I lined them up and trimmed them all to match.

The colours go nicely with the comfy chalkpainted cushions on the old wicker furniture in our screened-in-porch. Because I had used Duck Egg Blue on my cushions last summer, this little table fits into my screened-in-porch like I had it planned this way all along... but not for long.

There are so many lovely chalky finish paints out there to try. Find your favourite and use it consistently for the best results and you will end up with a wonderful custom look with a variety of your furniture pieces.

Grandpa’s farmhouse bannister legs were the perfect solution for this little table, soon to be available in my online store. You can buy this table at SCDM POP UP SALE

Love this little book, just full of terrific quotes!

If you are looking for a great spot to go for your own antiquing adventure, be sure and check out Me and the Mrs Antiques and Collectibles in Norton, New Brunswick. It is right on Main Street (yes the town is that tiny) you can't miss it.

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