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The Household Coffee Bar

In my last post, I told you all about how much I love my coffee, which was the reason why I made the sign. Well, now I just needed a good place to display said sign. We had purchased this red Ikea hutch for some much needed storage when we moved out of the Royal Oak house and downsized to the Shoebox (and yes, it really did feel that small at first!) But it was a cute little shoebox and we were quite happy there. Nonetheless, the red hutch just wasn't doing it for me any more, and it certainly did not compliment the freshly painted Cinderella table, that was for sure. So, I decided to paint it in a way that would compliment bot the table and my sign.

I removed one of the sliding cabinet doors. It was not really that stable, and I loved the way removing it instantly updated the look of the cabinet. I will probably add a couple of baskets on the right and use the left as covered storage, easily accessed by sliding the door across. ASCP Duck Egg Blue and Old White is one of my very favourite colour combinations and would look lovely with the Cinderella table. I also chose graphite to mimic a slate countertop and help focus the piece. I finished it up with quote of clear wax and put my sign in place. My very own coffee bar is now open for business!

#paintedfurniture #anniesloan

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