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Coffee Time

So I am all about the coffee. I have a gorgeous Italian made expresso machine that starts up each morning with a grumble, heating distilled water to the optimal temperature. While that is going on, I tamp down two scoops of freshly ground expresso, attache the brew basket and push the button. Hot water is forced through the coffee filled basket and the aroma of freshly made expresso fills the air as I stand by with my cup, ready for my morning Americano. With the first sip I start to come to life.

After I finished the Cinderella table, I needed a little break, a small project, something I could complete in an afternoon. I had come across this laugh-out-loud coffee quote when my husband and I had been on a Motorhome trip in Maine last Fall. This great little coffee shop had a sign with this message on it at their coffee bar. I knew I had to make one!

Sad little chopping board

When I was sorting through the kitchen and deciding what would stay and what would go, I came across this sad little chopping board. Clearly it had seen better days and was at the end of its usefulness; and then I remembered the quote! (I think the coffee stains on the board help me make that connection). Instantly I knew what the project would be.

This was a lovely piece of distressed substrate I would have paid real money for in a craft store to create a sign the caliber of this one! I had the real deal here, not some pretend beat up board, but one that had been seasoned and deteriorated in my very own kitchen! What a score!! So first I went to the computer, and designed my quote. I use Printshop3 quite often, and when I don't use that, I just use the Apple word-processing program Pages. It works just as well for this type of thing . Print it out on letter size paper. My board was about the size of a standard letter paper so the adjustments were pretty basic.

Once that was done, I painted the board with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite. I covered the back of the print with white chalk and laid the print on the board face up. I used an ink pen, and carefully traced around each letter in my sign. When I lifted up the paper, I had an outline of each letter in my message. Using an acrylic paint pen purchased at Michaels Craft Store, I filled in all of the letters, and my worn out chopping block was now a great coffee sign!

How fun is that! Next up is the repurposing of an old Ikea cabinet into a trendy coffee bar so I will have a great space for my new coffee sign.

#signs #anniesloan #upcycled

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