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The Vintage Block Collection

The back story…… These 7x7x1 inch wooden photo blocks, reminiscent of old Polaroid snapshots are housed in a 150 year old window frame, rescued from my neighbours house, when they began cleaning out the old barn. Stacks of old window frames were discovered and on their way to the landfill. Fortunately my neighbour remembered me and the frames were rescued. Most of the photos were taken during our Autumn road trip, as we traveled from New Brunswick to Calgary, and then down to San Antonio, Texas. It was a dream trip for anyone who loves antiques and vintage style decorating.

I had been wanting to do a project like this for quite some time, and when we returned home, and started reviewing the pictures, Brian reminded me about the old window frames we had stashed behind the studio. Problem, meet solution! The window glass was long gone but the frames were in decent shape, and just needed some minor restoration before they were usable. Several more frames are stored neatly in my barn waiting for restoration and new homes.

The wooden blocks have been painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Graphite is dry brushed with Old White on the base of the and sandwiched in layers of matte medium with a crackle

finish and topped with antique wax. The window frame has been been painted in Old White and finished with wax.

. Custom photo blocks created from jpegs upon request.

#upcycled #newbrunswick #photoblock

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