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The Barn Wood Collection

Creating beautiful art pieces out of Brian’s beautiful images has been my joy and privilege over the last few years. This Fall we stepped out onto the deck after a rainstorm in late afternoon just in time to see the Saint John River in its full autumn glory, complete with a rainbow. Brian ran for his camera and this image was the result. If you look closely you can still see the ragged remains of that rainbow. It made for an image saturated in color. We have reproduced that image in canvas at present. It is now available for sale and for viewing at Jodi’s restaurant in Lower Greenwich. It is approximately 72 inches long by 24 inches wide. A beautiful addition to a large dining area or home office space.

If you like winter scenes, the up-cycled wood piece entitled Galbraith Stables is a pretty one. This one is a joint effort between Brian and I. The giclee print was decoupaged onto an old section of wood flooring I found out in the barn a few years ago. When it was dry, I extended the image with paint to create a new piece with the effect of a painting, rather than a photo. This is the first creation from this image. The first printing, went to Jill Galbraith, who graciously allowed us to photograph her beautiful property. Each up-cycled wood piece is a one of a kind, as the process cannot be duplicated. I love this image, though, so I will probably try another version at sometime. It is approximately 24 X 20.

This sweet little image of horses entitled Out to Pasture, was created in the same way as the above but this time on an old piece of cedar board. The old board's texture and age merged in with the painting beautifully, giving it a unique vintage look. If you have any dark wood in your home, this piece will really compliment it. It is approximately two feet long and 8 inches wide.

#upcycled #barnwood #horse #river #newbrunswick

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