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About Me

I like to make things. I just can't seem to help myself. I know, it sounds like an addiction. I like to work with just about anything, once I have a vision of what something can become. I love the way creating something myself changes up the way our space feels and the way I feel about myself. When I look at the walls and see images my husband captured, and I have recreated into a piece of rustic art or old furniture I've dragged home it feels good; it grounds me in a way that I simply don't have words for.

My love of making connected to me to Country Chic Paint, made in British Columbia Canada, and becoming a retailer for Country Chic was the perfect next step. What colour do you need to add to your world? We have your perfect colour!  Our studio, Epilogue Studio and Gallery is opened seasonally from May until November in Browns Flat NB Canada.


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